Meeting in Italy

        1. Activities
     Activities Italy in took place from May 2 to 9 2011 and ncluded:
  – Opening gala of events that began with the anthem of each country by Italian students, and messages in each language told by foreign pupils that live in Italy
  -visiting schools: Direzione Didattica Partanna Mondello, Francesco Riso, Santocannale School, School Pascoli, in every school pupils sang anthems of the 4 states and had a multicultural show
  -participation of students in Italian school classes;
  -repetitions to achieve staging of the play Colapesce, familiarization of actors with sets and stage movement, other actors;
  -meeting with Italian officials and a foreign-born child in Italy;
  -organizing international exhibition of children’s drawings made ​​on the Italian story;
  – video recording of the play “Colapesce Legend”  attended by students from all countries;
  – discussion about moral values ​​found in Italian story;
  – talks about the future activities of the project,
  – a documentary visit about Sicily foundation (the plot of Colapesce Legend), to Palermo, Erice and Segesta to understand the meaning of self-sacrifice of Cola and Italian patriotism;
  – meetings between teachers, parents, and children;
        2. Show at Santocannale School
        3. Show at School Pascoli


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