Meeting in Poland

        1. Activities
     Activities in Poland were:
 1) visiting the school ZespółSzkolno-Gimnazjalny, meeting with the head teacher Henryka Cieciura and the mayor of Przedbórz Miłosz Naczyński; giving an interview about the project to the local TV
 2) visiting the local secondary school Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazja lnych, meeting with the head teacher Renata Kozieł, a presentation about Przedbórz prepared by students of secondary school
 3) working on the project – sharing the stories; Pupils listened old version of the legend, identified moral values ​​and set common points.
 1) Trip to Krakow to visit the castle where there is a cave in which the dragon from the story “The Wawel’s Dragon” lived; visit the museum Podziemia Rynku – muzeum Rynku Głównego w Krakowie, where we could see the life of people in medieval Krakow
 1) visit the local kindergarten, meeting with the head teacher GrażynaWłoch, comparing the work of kindergartens in all countries
 2) working on the project – reading the new variants of the Polish story prepared by each country; contest of cartoons including characters in all stories; the transformation story set in Poland in a modern version; posters with moral values from the Polish story made by four groups of students from each country
 3) visit the town (the local folk museum – meeting and talking with a director of the museum Tadeusz Michalski; visiting the church and the square market)
 1) trip to Częstochowa to visit the monastery JasnaGóra to learn about Polish spirituality
 1) presentation of the work with involvement of the local community, students, parents, teachers, the mayor and other workers of Town Hall ; giving an interview about the project to the local TV
        2. A warm welcome

        3. Multicultural show

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