Meeting in Romania

        1. Activities
    The first project meeting took place in Romania, at „Daniela Cuciuc” School Piatra Neamt between 3 and 9 November  2010.
    Activities in the meeting were marked by traditions and folk tales:
– presentation of schools by partners;
-visit „Daniela Cuciuc ” School and Kindergarten „Edelweiss” Piatra Neamt, structure of the school;
– presentation of educational systems in Romania, Poland, Turkey, Italy and highlighting the common points
-watching two performances by preschoolers from Kindergarten „Edelweiss” and students from “Daniela Cuciuc ” School, reflecting popular culture: songs, dances, Păcală Stories;
– a documentary trip in Neamt County, Memorial House Ion Creanga, Humulesti, Neamt Fortress and places full of popular legends and history that mark the destiny of  a nation and made who we are, where popular wisdom and positive moral values are kept intact.
– Meeting with local community representatives and media from Neamt at County Council: General School Inspector (Luminita Vîrlan), Subprefect (Vasile Şendrea), Vicepresident of Neamt County Council (Valerian Percă) where we highlighted the importance of moral values as spiritual edifice of culture, values that time and history stated, and we need to pass them to the young generation.
– discussion about the future activities of the project, determining future responsibilities;
– create a discussion group for a better and open communication;
        2. Autum harmony in style and elegance

        3. Celebration at  „Edelweisse” Kindergarten

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