Meeting in Turkey

        1. Activities
   The work involved visiting schools: Osmancik: 75.Yıl Cumhuriyet Primary School, Osmancık Anaokulu-kindergarten where students presented a short artistic program specific for Turkish culture and we noticed the Turkish education system.
   Students have rehearsed for the show to accustom with lines order, partners, stage and sets, stage movement of puppets.
   The final show was held in Osmancık Ömer Derindere Anadolu Lisesi Öğretmen (Teachers’ Training High School) where we listened instrumental music; we watched dances “Bağlama” specific for Turkish culture.
   During the official meeting with the governor of Osmancik (Ibrahim Kucuk) and mayor (Bekir Yazici) we discussed about the project, the benefits that students, teachers, families have, the importance of cultural diversity and religious tolerance.
   The hosts organized durring free time cultural performances and sports activities for both students and teachers.
   Tours, sightseeing visits revealed the importance of preserving national specificities but also good influence that knowledge of cultural and scientific treasures may have that people and other cultures can benefit.
   We went to Amasya for a trip. We visited the historical places from Ottoman Empire (mosques, old houses, castle) and we tasted the local food. We watched the janissary band of musicians from Ottoman. We went to Çorum and Alacahüyük.  
   We visited Alacahüyük and Hattuşa, the capital city of Hittities. This is an important place because it was become the protected area by UNESCO. Then we visited Çorum museum and Çorum Ulucami (mosque from Seljuk Empire).
         2. Artistic program specific for Turkish culture
         3. “Bağlama”dances


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